Increasing interest in reducing the emissions (CO2 and NOx) of heat treatment furnace facilities has resulted in special attention being paid to the burners. Based on years of experience and a simple, reliable design, EBNER decided on a recuperative combustion air preheating system. By optimizing thermal transfer from the stack gas to the combustion air, the air reaches temperatures of more than 650°C (1202°F). The stack gas temperature drops to below 450°C (842°F). This not only increases combustion efficiency, it also leaves just enough energy over to heat water.

HECOT burner

Compared to regenerative combustion air preheating systems, maintenance of recuperative preheating is much simpler. The higher combustion efficiency of regenerative designs has to be weighed against the greater electrical consumption and high pressure drop of both the combustion air supply and the stack gas extraction due to the regenerative ceramic filler material.

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